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The Body Styles

          Although Clef Guitars are considered solid, tone chambers are used in each body style to give them a more hollow-body quality, while reducing weight.         

Each body style is reminiscent of tried and true shapes with a uniquely signature look.  Rather than smooth flowing curves, the Clef has a more faceted approach in its design elements.  These “design elements” are not merely for looks, but have the player’s comfort in mind.  Each one is well balanced, which means when you let go of the neck it stays, no heavy neck syndrome.   

     What’s In a Name?

       Clef wants to be a guitar player’s tool, dependable year after year.  We see the hard-working musician in the same way we would see any other craftsman: a carpenter, a plumber, a metal worker, or any other who uses their skill for their livelihood.  What does every highly skilled craftsman need?  Dependable tools.  A good guitar is the same to a musician as a good saw is to a carpenter.  This is why Clef has named their instruments after those who have achieved standing in their professions.  Clef is saying to the professional musician, “Use me however you want...I’ll be waiting.”

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        The Foreman         

      The Journeyman        

      The Mechanic