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Welcome to Clef Guitars


Clef Guitars, a new approach to old school: 
  Playability    Comfort    Sound    Versatility    Reliability 

Every guitarist knows at first strum when it’s just right, when all the criteria are met in an instrument that will be enjoyed for a long time.  Clef Guitars endeavors to meet -- and even expand -- those expectations of what an instrument should be. 

We do so by offering a new sonic color pallet created by inductive interaction between the pickup coils--not active electronics or complex filtering. 

It is said that the sound of an instrument is in the hands of the player.  Clef agrees, but why make him work so hard?  We believe that the player should not struggle to get his sound, but have the sense that his instrument is waiting to respond to every nuance of his playing.  As the owner of the very first Clef guitar said, “It takes me wherever I want to go.” 

Virtually everything on the instrument is handcrafted in Clef’s shop: pickups, truss rods, necks, bodies, bridges, and all other aesthetics. All are specifically designed by Clef to enhance the player’s joy of playing music. 

There’s a lot to explore on a Clef guitar,
I hope you enjoy the journey!

Bob Zide 

Owner of Clef Guitars