The Purpose for Clef's Existence

The Purpose for Clef’s Existence

          Everyone has a reason for being.  Whether that reason is realized or not is up to the individual.  But when that “reason” is understood, something changes within the person.  It fosters a sense of security, sets their direction, and builds a foundation under them that is not easily shaken, in essence, it is their driving force.                  

          At Clef we know why we exist, and we know from whom this driving force comes.  This “why” may sound simplistic, or maybe even ambiguous to some, but to us it’s quite profound.  It drives us to do things eloquently, and with integrity.  We desire, with all the ability given us, to offer an instrument that in every way is complete, nothing lacking, and simply and intuitively made.  But above all we desire the instrument to reflect the character of the one who gave the vision in the first place. 

                             Plainly stated, Clef’s purpose is to make known who God is that He might be glorified.  Our delight would be that as these instruments are played, there would be a sense that the One who made all things is at work in the very materials, in the design, in the craftsmanship, and ultimately in the vibrations heard, and that He might be known through all those things.  This is not farfetched, for the scriptures declare, “He upholds all things by the Word of His Power.”  Yes, even a Clef Guitar !






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